DIY EPCOT Passport Book

Has your family visited the World Showcase at EPCOT?  If not, you REALLY need to!  Why?  Because it’s 11 countries, all in one place.  Food, candies, authentic decor….all with some Disney fun of course!  A few years ago, our boys enjoyed the Kidcot Fun Stops.  Basically, you stop in different parts of EPCOT to do a fun little activity, and get a stamp.  There are also cast members {from their home country} in every shop or restaurant in World Showcase!  I think it’s so cool that Disney really goes the extra mile and hires cast members from each country represented in the World Showcase.  So, I thought it was fitting to make each of our kids an EPCOT Passport.  When we visit each country, they’ll get a stamp from that country.  And, I used a 4×6 photo album, so when we get home, I can put a picture of them from each country-in the page facing the stamp.

Make an awesome Disney Memory with this easy DIY EPCOT Passport Book.

DIY EPCOT Passport Book


*4×6 photo album {mine was from the Dollar Tree}

*Scrapbook paper

*Washi Tape



1.  Slide the cardboard sheet out of the front of your photo album.  Cover it with Washi Tape.

2.  Cut pieces of scrapbook paper into 4×6 rectangles.  I used my Silhouette for this, but you could just use scissors or a paper cutter.


3.  Cut out a Mickey Head from black vinyl, and adhere it to the washi tape covered insert.  Using scrapbook stickers, or vinyl and your Silhouette, cut out the words “EPCOT PASSPORT and arrange them on the cover.

4.  For a personalized touch, I added a monogram for each of the kids.


5.  Cut 11 Mickey heads out of white vinyl, or out of white paper.  These are what will be stamped.  Also, cut the names of the countries {China, Japan, United Kingdom, America, France, Germany, Norway, Canada, Morocco, Italy, and Mexico}.  NOTE:  If you cut them out of vinyl, the stamps they use in EPCOT will smear.   However, many Kidcot stations have sharpie markers, and so the Castmember drew their flag on the Mickey head, and stamped the back of the piece of paper.  If I had to do it over again, I’d cut the white Mickey heads out of paper.  

6.  Arrange the Mickey heads and the names of the countries on your 4×6 sheet of paper.  Slide them into the book, and  you’re done!


I think this will make a great keepsake for the kids, and keep them entertained as we make our way “around the world”.

To find the fonts I used for my book, check out my Fashionable Fonts Pinterest Board.



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  1. My sis and I just started working on ours tonight! This is such a fun project 🙂
    I’m sure the kids will have a great time touring around the world at Epcot with these. You have some awesome Disney posts!

  2. I’m planning our weekly Disney Dinner and our theme is the Kidcot stations at Epcot. We have often made passports to take to Epcot, but I didn’t think about making them with a page for pictures, too! Thanks for the idea. It led to my planning to make little countries in my house that they can take their passport to and decorate the pages for each “country” just like they would decorate Duffy. This will be our fun activity after dinner. Alea


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