Ten Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Next Family Photo Shoot

Ten Family Photo Shoot Tips

So I had this grand idea.  I asked my friend, who also has a small photography business, to set up an outdoor session for us this past fall.  I was SO excited!  I started pinning ideas to my Photo Ideas Pinterest Board, and envisioned a fantastic photo session where everyone cooperated, and my kids looked darling…..and yes, most of that happened.  But not without some planning, thinking, and a little bit of stressing out.  This was our first, of what will now be more, outdoor family shoots with a photographer.  All these years, we’ve sufficed our family photos with pics from vacations, at Christmas, and the occasional pose at Target while we were having the kids’ photos taken.  Why did I wait so long?   Our outdoor pics turned out great, and now I have some family photo tips to share with you!

Ten Family Photo Shoot Tips

Family Photo Tip #1:  Find a fantastic photographer.  We went with Laura at 3ME Photography.  This is a hard job!  I had talked to three photographers, all local ladies, who had been posting some great work on Facebook. You want to find someone who shares your vision for your ultimate outcome.  Do you want mostly black and white?  Casual family photos?  Different combinations of people in your pictures?  What do you get for the price you pay?  I had found one gal who did great work, but I only was going to get 10 edited photos.  I was hoping for more, so I kept asking around.  All three were about the same price for the one hour photo session. But the girl I went with gave me more edited photos.  I ended up with almost 50 photos!

Family Photo Tip #2:  Plan ahead with your look.  A week or so before your shoot, take care of the essentials.  Get hair cuts, your eyebrows waxed, roots touched up, etc.  Also, start planning the wardrobe.  Take a look in your closets and see if you have pieces that already work together.  Then, make a list and purchase any accent items you need.


Family Photo Tip #3:  Work your wardrobe.  For ours, I didn’t want to spend a ton of extra money buying new outfits for EVERYONE.  A few pieces here and there, but I also knew we had pieces in our closets that would work well.  I wanted to incorporate a dark denim in everyone’s outfit.  So all of us wore jeans, except Natalie who wore a denim jacket.  I really wanted the kids to pop, as well.  My husband and I went with some moderate tones of gray and black, and I chose coordinating colors for the kids.  I didn’t want to be too matchy-matchy.  I love how the boys’ sweaters compliment each other, and then Natalie and I coordinated with pops of pink.

Family Photo Tip #4:  Try everything on.  You don’t want the morning of your session to arrive, and you realize your son’s shirt doesn’t fit, or that your daughter’s leggings are too short.  Or worse yet, they all have shoes that are too small!  A few days before, try everything on.  This is especially important for us as moms.  We want to feel confident and look great in the outfit we chose, so don’t save yours until the last minute.


Family Photo Tip #5: Prep your kids beforehand.  My husband and I knew our photographer, but our children did not.  So they were a bit shy, especially our little one.  Encourage your children before hand that this will be fun, and the more they cooperate the faster you will be finished.

Family Photo Tip #6:  Arrive early.  This allows you to chat with the photographer, as well as give your kids some time to explore the environment.  We met at an old covered bridge for our photos.  While I was talking to the photographer, my husband and the kids walked the path for a little bit and explored the bridge.  This also gives your kids a chance to warm up to the photographer.


Family Photo Tip #7:  Plan a time to meet that works best for your family.  We are at our best in the morning, really anytime before lunch.  So our session was at 10AM.  This put us after a well planned and good breakfast, and we were home in time for lunch.

Family Photo Tip #8:  Have some combinations in mind.   It’s a good idea to go into your session with some combinations in mind.  The point of our session was to capture the 5 of us in ways that we can’t at the holidays, or on birthdays, etc.  But, I also have three kiddos, and wanted pictures with them individually as well as with my husband and I.  Our photographer was great at posing us, and I’m so happy that we have pictures of just my husband and I, or even us with each of our children.


Family Photo Tip #9:  Bring items to keep your children entertained. I don’t know what I was thinking, but I didn’t think to do this….nor did I bring snacks.  Oh stars!   How I wish I had thought of this!  I thought the “threats” and bribery would be enough, but alas, I was wrong.  Learn from my oversight, and bring these important items with you!

Family Photo Tip #10:  It’s okay if it doesn’t go perfect.  The most important thing to remember is that you are there to capture family memories.  If you can get a few pictures that you can canvas and hang in the living room, use for Christmas cards, or give to grandparents, it’s a success!  I REALLY wanted several photos of all three of our children to choose from.  But, I didn’t get it.  When the three were together, it was a hot mess.   However, I’m happy with the few we did get, as well as the MANY others of the 5 of us or a few different combinations.  There’s always next time!




DIY Owl Valentines Using Silhouette Glitter

Class Valentines Using Silhouette Glitter

Glitter.  It is my favorite thing to craft with~next to ribbon.  This year for my daughter’s homemade valentines, we made them extra sparkly with some Silhouette Glitter.  That stuff is SO.MUCH.FUN!  I am so addicted.  It’s projects like this that make me so thankful that I have a girl to glitz things up. So this year, we took the Owl Valentine idea I had last year, and made them a bit differently.  Despite the fact that I tried to sway her to bees, hearts, or butterflies,  she wanted owls again.  I tried and tried to show her images on Pinterest of butterflies, bees, and even cute hearts.  None of it.  She wanted owls again, so owls it is!

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Bathroom Makeover with Cutting Edge Stencils and $50 Giveaway

Cutting edge

Go big or go home, that’s kind of the motto in our  house.   Along those same lines, we like to DIY on the cheap in our house.  We will often pick up “oops” paint colors at the home improvement store, and then making do with the left over colors from our other painting projects to make something amazing.  Well, our downstairs bathroom is no exception.  And with the help of Cutting Edge Stencils, we now have an impressive and beautifully accented wall in what was once our very plain downstairs bathroom.

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Savory BBQ Coke Sliders and Ritz Peanut Butter Chocolate Snackers

Savory BBQ Coke Sliders

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #PrepareToParty #CollectiveBias

It’s game time!  As the football season comes to an end, we are all ready to cheer on our favorite team during the big game, right?  And what is a party without some savory AND sweet food on the table?  I am the kind of hostess who appreciates great food, but isn’t afraid to incorporate easy foods into my menu.  I also need to be able to find all the ingredients in one place, like my local Walmart.  Today I want to share with you two great additions to your game day table with Coca Cola and Ritz Crackers.  First up, I’m going to share my Savory BBQ Coke Shredded Beef Sliders!

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#AD General Tso’s Chicken Wings Lettuce Wraps

General Tso's Lettuce Wraps

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #GameTimeHero #CollectiveBias

We are big football fans in our  house.  Every Saturday and Sunday we are faithfully watching our favorite teams while enjoying some great food.  And now, with the big game right around the corner, we are prepping for having family and friends over to enjoy some food, fun, and football.   I’m the kind of hostess who has no shame in asking my guests to bring a dish or dessert to share.  By the same token, I also make sure there are several yummy dishes to choose from~like prepared wings from the deli at my local store.    Looking to try these yourself?  Join me, or go to your local Walmart for an in store demo. I’m going to mine on January 30th!

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Organizing Canvas Toy Bins with Labels

Toy Bins with Labels

I am so, so excited to start 2015 with an organizational post, AND the Silhouette Challenge!  Last year, the Silhouette Challenges were so fun and inspirational!  This year, we are doing something different~each month has a bonus challenge.  For January, we started with the very popular topic of ORGANIZATION, and the bonus challenge to use VINYL!  I jumped at the chance to add some fun labels to my daughter’s toy bins for this month’s challenge.  Organize?  YES!  Use vinyl? YES, YES!

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Cinnamon Coated Almonds {Disney Style}

Cinnamon Coated Almonds Disney Style #disneysnacks #easysnacks #cinnamonalmonds

As much as I love Disney food, I decided that each month in 2015, I’m going to share a Disney Parks inspired food!  Our family has visited Walt Disney World so many times, and in turn we’ve enjoyed much of the best food on Disney property!  One of my husband’s FAVORITE treats is found throughout the Disney parks, but he always manages to snag these Cinnamon Coated Almonds while we are shopping at Downtown Disney.

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Last Minute Disney Dining Reservations

10 Last Minute Disney Dining Reservations

It’s vacation planning time for a lot of people!  Yay!  With the New Year upon us and a new special offer from Disney, many are thinking of their family vacations.  Walt Disney World is a very popular one!  One of the exciting aspects of planning a Disney vacation is making reservations at some of the table service restaurants on Disney property!

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5 Tips for Shopping Secondhand Stores

Secondhand Photo

Is saving money one of your goals for the New Year?  I am always looking for a way to save a few extra dollars for our family.  One way I save money is to shop at our local consignment shop, as well as sell my items there.    I often have good luck finding items for our daughter, and sometimes her older brothers.  If saving money is one of your goals for 2015, then keep reading!  Today I want to share my 5 Tips for Shopping Secondhand Stores.

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Thank You for a Great Year & Top Posts of 2014

Using a Silhouette Pen Holder #silhouettecameo #addressinginvitations

I love looking back at My Favorite Finds, and enjoying how it has changed and grown over the years.  Four years!  December 29, 2010, I wrote my first post about Decorated Sugar Cookies.    In 2015, I’ll be celebrating the 5th birthday of my small piece of cyberspace, and I wanted to thank all of YOU for making that possible!

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